Helena Joy is a French jewelry brand that aspires to sublimate women and make precious jewelry accessible. The Helena Joy universe is the perfect balance between refinement and audacity, a subtly rock signature, for timeless creations with a strong character. All the collections are imagined and drawn by the designer Sandie Illouz, before being manufactured in the finest jewelry workshops in Lyon, the historic birthplace of the French jewelry craft. On the eve of her 40th birthday, Sandie, still working in a family business of great import, used to have her own jewelry made by renowned Lyon jewelers. Her friends and family, seduced by her style and creativity, encouraged her to launch her first collection. The success was immediate and the pieces were sold out in a few weeks. Then, she trained in gemology and jewelry in order to perfect her knowledge of diamonds and to learn to master the gold and the material to make it her daily life. The brand Helena Joy was thus born, a name inspired by the designer’s precious muse, her daughter Helena. In a world that is accelerating at every moment, imagining unique jewels, crossing fashions and eras, makes sense of the values instilled by the brand.

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